Android Graphical problems

I made a nice 2D game and it works very good on both PC and Android.
I decided to switch to 3D with the same game, new project ofcourse.
Everything works very good on pc, but when i tried to launch my game on android, it was horrible.
Overall fps is very low, fps drops, and the graphics them self are very very weird and super low quality.

I started checking my code, removing almost everything in the code to check if it still works horrible, nothing helped.

I decided to make a new project and simply test it out, i made a terrain with texture imported from unity assets, with a cube and simply camera folowing the cube while the cube moves around.
The graphics were again weird, it did work a bit better but still not constant 60 fps( it’s just a empty terrain with a cube wtf lol)
Second time i launched the game, the textures became pink and i understood it’s something about the terrain.
I made another new project, this time just a terrain, and again pink textures.

I thought it’s my phone, which is Galaxy S2, but i tried to run other games like temple run 2 and other games and they seem to work perfectly on 60 fps.

Seems to be something goes wrong when unity compiles the game to android.
And seems to be it only happens with 3D projects that contain terrain.
On 2D everything works fine.

Anyone faced something similar and maybe has solution?


I disabled all possible graphics like anti aliasing and set all possible graphics to lowest as possible and replaced textures with 32x32 textures. I tried different emulators and phones.
The terrain is still pink.

Tried using plane instead of terrain, i don’t get pink texture( progression lol) but the fps is still horrible, like 24-40, i tried to use application.settargetframe to 60 but it didn’t help.
This litle test app has super minimal graphics, it shouldnt run on such fps ;/

I Found the problem, check the answer to this question if you need an answer.

I found the problem.
The problem was with the shader on the material of my plane/terrain. ( shader is how your device renders the texture )
It was set on Standart which doesn’t work properly on Android devices.
I changed it to Mobile - Bumped Diffuse. Now the game works on high FPS with no problems (: