Android heating up, performance questionable for 2d APP.

Hello! I’ve just completed an iOS build and i gotta say - on an iPhone 5c, the application runs just as smoothly as on a Note 3, yet the specifications are much much much lower and the Note 3 heats up during gameplay while the 5C stays cool as ice.

What’re the factors at play here that are making android struggle so much with a 2D game? I’ve got a scene with drawcalls varying from 20 to 30 and all textures are atlased as ETC/Split Alpha Channel.
Is it something i’m doing wrong on my side?

I build to android with all the bells and whistles enabled / GPU Skinning / Multithreaded rendering /GLES3.0 and so fourth.

What am I Missing here?

Some Android devices have real performance issues with GLES3.0

Untick Auto Graphics API, add GLES 2.0 and remove GLES 3.0