Android : How to manage game display with on-screen front cameras ?


We make mobiles games and we are having troubles managing the game display on recent mobile phones, especially when the front camera is covering part of the status bar, and the game when playing in full-screen.

Best solution we found to prevent the camera lens from hiding part of the game is to disable Full-Screen in building options, but it means having the status bar (and navigation buttons on Android) showing all the time.

Since the game we are working on doesn’t need the back button, we would like at least to hide the android navigation menu. Is that possible? I have encountered few games doing so, now I can’t say if they were made with unity.
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Ps : Apologies if the question has already been asked and answered, couldn’t find any information.

Answering my own question (even if it is old) :
You have to use Screen.SafeArea (Unity - Scripting API: Screen.safeArea)