[Android] I signed my apk using generated keystore but google said it was signed in debug mode

I already sign my app using generated keystore. (via the publish settings under player settings)

The apk can be deployed properly into my android devices. But when I uploaded the apk to google developer console, this is what I got.

“Upload failed
You uploaded an APK that was signed in debug mode. You need to sign your APK in release mode.”

Why wasn’t my apk signed in the release mode?

you have to visit this video to understand keystore :

Possible solutions:

Do you still have the Development Build box checked?

I’d advise Exporting to eclipse and signing it from there. I’m not sure how complete Unity’s signing process is but there is more to it than simply ‘sign’.

I know eclipse performs the complete operation in one go.

You should complete the TypeANumber challenge. It deals with the signing process in Eclipse and explains the situations in which the APK gets signed as Debug.