Android In-App Purchasing Plugins

I’m working on a game for android and I’ve recently been looking at two plugins from the unity asset store that provide a way to do in-app purchases:

Now, my question is:
Which one of these should I buy? Which one is the best and the easiest to implement?

Thanks for taking your time to read my question. Any answers will be very much appreciated.

I have been using Prime31’s plugins extensively for the past two years, and I have nothing but the best to say about them. In terms of ease of use, support, and pretty much automatic integration, all are top notch.

I haven’t tried UniBill, but I would have no qualms in recommending purchasing Prime31’s implementation.

I have had a bad experience with Prime31, and an excellent one with UniBill, the biggest reason was the support from Unibill that I did not have at all from Prime31. And Unibill is a three-in-one plugin for Android/IOS/Amazon Store, so for me, there are no comparison.

I found Prime31 storekit easy to set up and get going once I figured it out. But yeah, they have programmer " ‘tude’"… which is annoying an unnecessary. I mean, the whole reason for engines like Unity is to make game development accessible to non-programmers. So having an attitude against non-programmers is pure ego.

Unibill is the best. At least it does not have a stupid 1 page documentation