Android input only works with remote

I am using Unity 5 and I’m trying to port a game for mobile.
I’m using an android 6 device and with remote 5 the game input handles as expected. However, when I try it on a real android device, it does not work. I have tried:

  • Using different android SDKs Checked

  • the logger for errors Copied the .apk

  • to the device and installed manually

  • Checked and removed ALL code related
    to desktop input

There is simply no reaction whatsoever. I log the number of updates I do and that prints just fine. But in the same update function I try this:

foreach (var t in Input.touches)

And it does not print the TOUCH string. What could be the problem?

It’s doesn’t print because there’s no condition to detect a touch, you just ran a loop. You could at least add if touches > 0