Android & IOS Performance Difference

My game is 2D card game. I’m using compression for my all sprites. Game size is 21~ MB.


No problem at all, actually i dont even have to compress my sprites. No memory or performance issue at all.


  1. Uncompresssed sprites causing high memory usage, so i use compressed sprites. Compression is at best. If i generate mip-maps its awful, but i turn off mip-maps. Its ok but not good as android. Is there any way i can fix this issue? Or this is just IOS related issue which i can’t fix it?

  2. About performance. Even on iPhone 7 game is struggling i dont understand why? what can i do to improve my performance on IOS. Like i said before, no problem on android at all.

Thank you.

Are you in 2D mode? Enable Static on all non-moving, non-rotating objects. Add a sprite packing tag name to every sprite so all sprites get compacted into one sprite atlas. Disable and test without sound to isolate if it is the issue.