android / iOS : sharing save file between Free and Paid version


I’m currently developping a game in Free ( and Pro ( version for both iOS and Android.

The Free version of the game would only have 15 levels free, saving the status of the levels in an XML file(savaData.xml) using Application.PersistentDataPath. If the end-user wants to get more levels, he would have to download the pro version(

I would like to keep the progress of the game(free version one) when using the Pro version.
The best would be to share this saveData.xml between ( and (, That way, I would not have any problem.

Unfortunatetly, and probably for security reason, i did not find a way to do so.

FYI, this file should not exceed 100Ko

Do you have any input about it ? I have found that thread, but not really happy at the proposed solution ( )

Thank you very much


If your pro and free versions are two seperate apps (ie - not an update or an in app purchase to upgrade from free to pro, but a seperate download), the only solution I see (aside from old school save codes - could be retro/fun) is hosting the save file online, and retrieving from there. Problem : how do you identify the player?

Two solutions:

  1. using UDID - you can not use this. The app store will not approve any apps that use it.

  2. Asking the player to input a unique name for his save. He’ll then log in with that username in the pro app, and save file would be automaticaly retrieved from a remote server.

Apps don’t share data on iOS, that’s by design.