android/iphone capabilities.

Can someone post here a link to where I would be able to see android/iphone capabilities ?

I was looking around and that waht I found :

" there’s lots of information on this online. But it depends on the device you are targeting. For instance the old 3G iphone is much less powerful than newer devices. In general read up on the docs provided by Unity. As a general rule of thumb keep your poly counts low… very low. The max # of vertices you should have on screen at any point in time should be under 50k for iphone 3GS +… under 10k for 3G… but that’s only part of it. lots of other elements can slow down game play. You should really read the getting started sections of unity in the docs… specifically for mobile devices. That’s what I did. Unfortunately I did this after I began working on the project so I had to go back and re-do a bunch of things. I remember one of my original models had 68k vertices haha… now he has 600. lol… read up on everything, sound, hardware… everything! the more you know the better the performance you will have! "
by stingman.

But I wasn’t able to find where on the unity site.

You won’t find “capabilities” of a device in terms of number of vertices/drawcalls/polys etc., because the figures quoted are simply rules of thumb - guidelines, nothing more. There’s more examples at Unity - Manual: Graphics performance fundamentals but if you want to know whether your game performs acceptably on a given device, you’ve simply got to test it.