The problem has already been described as a bug:

However, using Unity 2020.3.26f1 I would assume that the problem is solved or someone knows a hack?

Weirdly the bug persists even after reinstalling Unity entirely … maybe there are some cached files that remain when I deinstall Unity via Unity-Hub!?

I even got the same problem after installing a completly new version of Unity. Very strage… Does anyone know where Unity of Unity-Hub keeps cached files of the adb debugger (the text i put in the filter) so I can delete them?

Anyway: Does anybody know a quick fix, how to get my Unity working with adb again?

This sh** took me hours…


  • Delete C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Unity folder
    it contains caches, it will be recreated once you restart Unity
  • Now open ADB (it STILL has the f***ng text in the filter)
  • However ADB can connect to an android device now
  • I can finally delete the string from the filter (which presumably caused the bug in the first place…)

Hello ! By any chance, do you know how to do it on Mac ?

I had the same issue and I found that the search text is stored in UserSettings/AndroidLogcatSettings.asset in the field "m_Filter": "your filter text is here",. Closing Unity, setting this to empty string and reopening fixed the issue for me.