Android Logcat for Unity3D Debugging

I often leave Eclipse open only for Logcat even though I don’t write any code there. It feels heavy and annoyed because it’s not that compact tool just for debugging. I know I could use a command-line tool adb and it’s very simple and light, but because it needs to be run from a command line window, there are a lot of limitations.

For example, it cannot show me any unicode strings, can’t filter more than two tags, and it’s hard to save specific lines as a text file. So, I really want to know if there’s any standalone graphical tool a similar one to Logcat integrated in Eclipse.

Or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am using android monitor that comes with the sdk, it seems very light. In case you develop in Visual Studio, there was an Nvidia plugin that does the same thing, but I think monitor is lighter in that matter.