Android Manifest Advertising ID

When building an APK with Google Mobile Ads SDK integrated, the Advertising ID is supposed to be added and then merged into the androidmanifest.xml

Can anyone provide any insight as to where to find the line where the call is made to collect the advertising ID?

We've tried looking for this and can't find it, and need to know if this permission is being made.

Anyone have any answers to this? We have checked both the
AndroidManifest.xml & cannot locate any line where there's a permission to collect the advertising ID.

This seems like it should be a simple thing to find, yet I've spoken with developers who don't know the answer. Anyone can offer any info, please reply! We are urgently trying to resolve this with no answers for 2 weeks now.

Does this help?

@JeffDUnity3D We were able to dig and find some info on this, thank you for the help.

Can you please explain how we remove collection of the Advertising ID with Unity Ads? And in particular, if the checkbox is marked targeting kids under the age of 13, is collection of the Advertising ID automatically removed?

@SandJewel This may help and

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Thank you, I read through most of those, and nowhere does it give information on how to disable collection of the Advertising ID to comply with Google Play's new policy which is effective April 1st, 2022.
Unity should have sent out an email to alert developers of children's apps on how to do this.

Is there any information on how to remove or disable collection of the advertising ID or is this done automatically if the under age 13 checkbox is targeted.


Same problem here. The answer is not answering the question. we need technical solution

Hi, still no solution for this?

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Hello ?? Still now answer ??

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No answer?

Same problem here

Hey, if you use unityads sdk 4.0.1 or upper version, it will comply with google's policy.
Fyi, you can refer to this for the survey

can you be specific about the pack please there are 4 different ads packs under packages.