[Android]Minimum platform required error


I’m new here and I may be doing something wrong, I’ll explain my case:

I’m building a simple prototype in unity and the first thing I want to do is build it for android and test it in my device, I’ve set the path to the sdk correctly and my device is connected to my mac but when I do build & run (or just build) it always pops the same error:

Error building Player: UnityException: Minimum platform required is Android 4.0 
(API level 14)

The strange thing is that I have installed every posible API Level (including of course the 14th) I also downgraded the dev tools to the r21 version because I’ve read over here that it would fix this problem but it doesn’t. I’ve reinstalled it several times and I don’t know what else can I do.

Anyone has an idea of what could be wrong?


Ok, I’ve solved it. I’ve deleted adt and the other sdk I had and downloaded again the new version then I told unity to use the sdk in the adt bundle and it worked.