Android - Mobile Input Field Position - Unity 4.6.4

I’m using the following method to get the dimensions of the Android Keyboard so that I can shift some UI elements to sit on top of it (my math is slightly different to accommodate my needs).

using(AndroidJavaClass UnityClass = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer"))
   AndroidJavaObject View = UnityClass.GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("currentActivity").Get<AndroidJavaObject>("mUnityPlayer").Call<AndroidJavaObject>("getView");
   using(AndroidJavaObject Rct = new AndroidJavaObject(""))
        View.Call("getWindowVisibleDisplayFrame", Rct);
        return Screen.height - Rct.Call<int>("height");

This does not include the dimensions for the ‘Mobile Input Field’ (If that’s the real name); this thing:

How do I get that things position?

I’ve been looking through the Android Documentation and I don’t really understand the connection of what’s going (how it’s getting the keyboard rect), so that I can search for the proper native methods to get the information I want.

Any help would be welcome.
Thank you

i fixed it by increase the return value 170. It’s ok in Nexus 5 and galaxy note 3.
keyHeight = Screen.height - Rct.Call(“height”);