Android multilpayer problem when using device's hotspot.

I need some help. i’m having problems with android multiplayer, When players are conected to the same router or a hotspot (but a phone used only as hotspot and is not playing.) the network goes perfectly, then when a player activates the hotspot and play as client, it still good (the game has some lag). but if he use it as a server, it doesn’t work, the clients can’t connect to it, I don’t know where the problem could be. anyone could help?

A lot of wifi hotspots do not allow traffic from one wifi client to another, unless you override this in the hotspot’s configuration. In this context, I use the term “client” to mean “wifi client”, not Unity.

@syscrusher Thanks for your answer but i think that is not the problem here. I tested connection through hotspot with minecraft and there was not problem, clients cpnnect normally. Maybe is something with sending the ip to clients (using .net sockets class) through hostspot works in a differentent way that sending with wifi. i dont know.

If you know more about the topic or could know where the problem is. I could show you the scripts