android ndk for unity 19.2.8f1

I can’t get Hub to work which sucks and I’m giving up.
I installed unity 2019.2.8f1 with the installer. I installed the android studio.
to upload my project they want me to use the 64 bit IL2CPP with ARM 64 checked on in player settinggs/other

so when i do this Unity can’t can’t the NDK. Normally when I can’t find the NDK I restart Unity and or the computer and it builds. This solution no longer works.

I am thinking the version of unity I am using may need a different version of NDK than the latest. What version do I need? (please donlt tell me to upgrade unity, I can;t get the hub to work at all).

Thanks for your help

ndk r 16 64 bit is the one i need

i manually downloaded the latest on a prayer. it didn’t work but unity did tell me which one i needed. so that was nice. downloading the right one now. I may soon be able to upload my project to the store

I had the same issue this week, but it’s mainly an UX issue with the Hub.
The SDK and NDK can be shipped with Unity, if you check the option in the installer!
If Unity Hub doesn’t display the module option for your current version, go back to Unity download archive section and click on the hub icon from there to get the modules.