Android ‘no content provided ‘ video problem,Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie throws ‘no content provider’ error on android

Ive been using Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie to play video files on my Android build for a few weeks now.

It was working great until I had to make changes to the build environment to upgrade to Android API 26 as our target build. My old target api was 22.

Now I get this error when trying to load the video in. no content provider

I researched content providers and this is for apps to talk to each other. Seems Android nougat (api 25) made this mandatory and its caused a bug?

Or maybe I’m looking in the wrong place for a solution here?

Here’s the path which seems fine

I’m running unity 5.6 as vuforia wasn’t stable on 2017.2 until the last month or so.

it was something to do with the SDK, JDK or other aspect of android build. when i switched from laptop to my desktop, with what i thought was the same environment, the video just worked.