Android not getting latest data

Why in my console do i have a default as well as develop and release my devices are fetching default and not release

Can you share the code that you are using, and a screenshot of your default and release settings. How are you debugging on the device?

Most of my remote configs consist of just development / release environments which if i remember were created by default and everything works fine, however on one or 2 projects when i created remote config it created a default environment from unity console, so i went to unity website remote config dashboard and manually added development and release environements my self, now i cannot delete the 'deafault

I fixed by removing config key from 'default' environement and setting current default environemt to release, however i cannot delete 'default' enviroenment as it says there is still a config but there are no configs.
Note also when first using remote config (from unity ) it created a development and release by default, however on 1 or 2 proejcts it create a 'default' enviroinment and I had to go into unity web dashobard and add develpment and release manually myself,

acutally my 'default' enviroenment does contain a 'default config' but it has no values and there is no delete option just edit and view rules