Android , not working


I made a test for android game ( just three GUI buttons ) and export it as apk.

I tried the game on my tablet , but it doesn’t work at all .

after I opened the application ,the screen will be black and nothing happened at all .

I tried the same game on the phone , worked correctly …

were is the problem ??

Note :

  • android version on Tablet 4.0 , but on Phone 2.3 .
  • when I was using Unity 4.0, it was working on Tablet but after I downloaded the 4.3 , it doesn’t work on tablet but still working on phone.

thanks …

Play with 32-bit Display Buffer and 24-bit Depth Buffer. Build Settings → Player Settings

This is what fixed the seriously low brightness issue for most people.

do you have latest android SDK?
what is your player settings?

Unity requires Android 2.3.1 as stated at

I’ve got the same problem here. Android 4…4.2 on the phone S5 (Doesn’t work a bit), Android 4.4.2 on the tablet S3 (Works perfectly well).
Has nobody find a way to fix that ?