Android or iPhone - Unique identification of device?

Is there a way to uniquely identify a device, using Unity -- this would bypass having to use a login/password system for saving user game info on server, for example..


You should not trust SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier.

It creates different id’s on some devices (for example on Galaxy Tab 3) if it’s wireless is enabled or not. Because if wireless is not enabled mac address is not available (which is used by Unity) and android_id is used.

Here are the resources:

Bug report: (This happens in 4.6.2 patch 1)

Check out these links:

Unfortunately, the conclusion seems to be there is not one way do get such an ID that will exist and be unique for all phones.

(You could still maintain your own server-assigned IDs on devices to circumvent a login system).

Hi, Unfortunately, I have not found a single way to assign unique ID, I have different sources like Stack flow,research papers,different forums,content transfer app like SmartIO and different other sources.

I suggest you should stick to the basics…

Agreed with Lee , I think sticking to the basic will work good for you, rather than going for Stack flow, mobile apps developer forums, or for any other available option

Kind of makes me wonder why Android will not expose a function for providing this. What harm could possibility come from providing it. IOS and android are most of the mobile market and iOS supports it now.

iOS: on pre-iOS7 devices it will return hash of MAC address. On iOS7 devices it will be UIDevice identifierForVendor or, if that fails for any reason, ASIdentifierManager advertisingIdentifier.

Every device should have it. Geez just generate a UUID on install. If they reset or lot a new is then it changes and they have to login again and it get updated.

Its frustrating.

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