Android Performance REALLY Laggy

I apologize in advance for asking this question for I know it must have been asked before, but my problems don’t seem to be resolved in the other posts.

I am really close to finishing my game, so I ‘build and run’ it into my Google Nexus 7 tablet, for Android. The main menu, credits, and other miscellaneous things worked fine, except for the game itself.

The game is horrendously slow, to where it makes my tablet lag along with it! I optimized all the textures for the Terrain to compress for fast quality, made the project quality simple, made everything else compressed for fast quality for Android, and it seems as if my game has gotten a little better.

Especially when I touch the Dual TouchPads on the screen, it takes a LONG time to finally respond to my touch because the game is lagging so much. It makes my head hurt with ALL the problems I have had with this game so far, but that’s how you learn when you are new with something.

Any help, links to tutorials, tips, and/or suggestions on what I should do to help improve my game’s performance for Android would be really appreciated! :smiley:

Use the built in profiler:

This will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the performance of your game. (If you have the Pro Android Editor, then there is an even more fantastic profiler that will tell you more than you and all your family and everyone you know ever wanted to know.)

The critical thing to work out is whether your game is slow because you are doing too much work on the CPU or the GPU is too busy rendering your scene, in which case you’re “GPU bound”. If you are CPU bound, then optimise your scripts. If you are GPU bound then reduce draw calls, optimise shaders or simplify the geometry.

You can also try this site. It has great tips on increasing speed and performance: 4 Ways To Increase Performance of your Unity Game