android phone vs tablet question

I have hopefully a simple question, does unity game play differ on a tablet vs a phone in the effect of screen size.

i’m working with a phone but my friend will be using a tablet.

will unity automatically adjust gameobject placement for the two different screen resolutions?

Im Working with Phones and tablets - and there are some little things i’ll tell you^^

  1. I develope in 16/9 because at 16/10 a bit will be cropped at the sides - its important fpr GUI and HUD and Stuff like this.

  2. In my experiences the Phones are running faster in may cases - because of the resolution differences - more pixel to render etc. - keep this in mind somewhere.

  3. Objects are placed and resolution is set automatically to the devices native one. so there is no reason to worry :wink:

Hope this helps a bit - if not, please ask a litte more detailed - happy game crafting :slight_smile: