Android PlayerPrefs example? (I´m too stupid :c)

(Maybe my English isn´t perfect)

I want to use PlayerPrefs in my Android game, and I already read some stuff ´bout it, but I still don´t understand it.

Can someone give me a simple example how to do this in PlayerPrefs:

If the user starts the app, a “Welcome screen” will appear.
But it would appear everytime the user loads the main menu scene.

  • If the user taps on “continue”, it will save in the PlayerPrefs that the user saw the welcome screen.
  • If the user quits the game, it will delete the “welcome screen” stuff, so it will appear again if the user starts the app next time.

Here I provide example to you related to storing int value in player pref. You have to manage it something like bool for your need.

public static void StoreDebutantPuzzleId(int puzzleId){

	public static int RetrieveDebutantPuzzleId(){
		return PlayerPrefs.GetInt(Constants.PLAYERPREF_DEBUTANT_PUZZLEID);

Based on retrieve of this value you have to decide you have to show welcome screen or not. Pretty simple :slight_smile: