Android Plugin made the app break on relaunch.

I made an app on android and found that when I opened my app , press home button , touch the app icon to come back to the app , then it crashed.

I did some search to solve this but none of what I found helped.

so I decided to do some experiment.

Firstly, I created an empty project and created a build
→ there’s no the problem above

Secondly, I added this plugin
then I created a build included only an empty scene

→ then the problem happened

Finally, I deleted everything in asset but Plugins folder then build again → it’s not fixed

so I think the cause of this may about AndroidManifest.xml or something inside Plugins.

I’m a newbie and I want to learn how to modify and fixed the problem.

Very Thanks in advanced for helps :slight_smile:

try to use this official plugin :

using it you could solve your problems