Android QualitySettings SetQualityLevel 3D corruption

When switching Quality Settings on Android the engine glitches / corrupts the 3d scene. The gui stays functional. Is there any way to detect and / or fix this?

I am using Unity Pro, though that should only improve quality right? :wink:

To reproduce:

  1. create a simple 3D scene: light, shadows, texture on a cube, etc.
  2. Add the script below
  3. Add HDR bloom (have not tested other Image Effects yet but I suspect the same behaviour).
  4. Build for android, push the gui button.

As soon as the Quality switches, the 3D rendering is corrupted.
Reloading the scene does not help. Only force quitting the application restores functionality.

It seems the Quality Settings code is not cross platform compatible. I have the same issue on a HTC Desire HD a Tegra 2 and a Tegra 3 tablet.

Is there a way to get it to work with a workaround?
Like a small bit of Android only code that handles the switch correctly?

    public class Blah : MonoBehaviour
public int selectedQuality = 0;

void OnGUI(){
    if (GUILayout.Button(QualitySettings.names[selectedQuality]))
                selectedQuality ++;
                selectedQuality %= QualitySettings.names.Length;
                QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(selectedQuality, false); 
//or true to reload the expensive stuff as well (textures, shaders, lod ? :S)
//                QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(selectedQuality, true); 

//Application.LoadLevel(Application.loadedLevel); //<-- does not fix the corrupted scene

Same here , but without HDR Bloom, my app force close or restart

I think you want to change from no-antialiasing to antialiasing , thatโ€™s the problem