Android re-hide status bar (Lollipop)

I’m using Unity 5.0.0f3 and I enabled “Status bar hidden” in PlayerSettings.
In my scene I use an ‘Input Field’ to get username and password from user.
Before user inputs, my scene renders full screen (2560x1600, I’m using Nexus 10).

The problem occurs when lollipop’s keyboard disappears: status bar won’t hiding back and my screen resolution decreases for few hundred of pixel.

There is a workaround to re-hide status bar after keyboard disappeared?

Many thanks in advance for your precious support!!

@yuri Using Unity 5.1.3f on Android 5.0.1 and this bug still appears. Any hints?

To be more exact, my problem is this: When app has been closed and then reopened via android recent apps selection, the immersive mode is not on, but black bar blocks the bottom of the screen.

This is a bug and will be fixed in 5.0 patch 1.