Android remote freeze

For some reason my android remote app is freezing after 3-5 seconds of displaying the image. By freezing I mean that the image freezes and I can’t input anything anymore.

Everything was working smoothly last week; the only difference is that now I had to install unity 4 on my machine for GlobalGameJam. I uninstalled everything and re-installed unity 3.5.7 but i’m still having the same issues; I can’t continue to work in the project I have been working before GlobalGameJam.

Unity is recognizing my device and it is displaying the image from the game player, but the remote app freezes on my device after 3-5 seconds. (my device doesn’t though, it works great)

Anyone with a hint for this?

Changed from USB 3 to USB 2 and worked!

Just to add to this, Ive had the same problem and after a lot of frustration found this post and it worked.

Just plugged into a USB2 instead and it works fine now. Not sure why that would make a difference…