Android Remote Not Working

I installed the Android Build Support from Unity Hub for Unity Editor 2019.3.0f5 but it seems that Unity Remote is not working

I took out my phone, installed Unity Remote 5 and connected it to my PC via a USB cable. First of all, I can see my device in my computer however, Unity is not detecting my device. Sometimes a message “Set-up Android SDK path to make Android remote work” is appearing in the console as well.

I tried manually set my path to Android SDK and this error popped “You are not using the recommended Android SDK Tools, other versions are not supported”. Have I done a mistake in the process of setting up Unity Remote or is it a bug? If it is, can it be solved. I am using a Redmi 6A.

Hi @SwastikBhattacharyya , have you done all of this:

If it’s not first time you are trying to connect please tell us is Android Remote working on other unity versions.