Android Resources.Load Inflate Error:

My game on Android carsh:

E/Unity ( 3046): [PlatformDependent/AndroidPlayer/Source/ZipFile.cpp line 254]
E/Unity ( 3046): (Filename: D Line: 0)
E/Unity ( 3046):
E/Unity ( 3046): Inflate Error: invalid code lengths set (file zip crc32 : ec0033c5)
E/Unity ( 3046): UnityEngine.Resources:Load(String, Type)
E/Unity ( 3046): UnityEngine.Resources:Load(String)

When I test my game more than a few hours.

I think my resources without problems.
I don’t know how to avoid the bug.
My other projects do not have this bug.
Only this project requires frequent release resources.

FWIW, I was having the same problem and I’m pretty sure it was because my device was running out of memory trying to load the initial scene.

I changed some stuff around and then I started seeing clear out of memory errors before this “Inflate Error”.

Once I cleaned up the memory problems, this error went away.