Android Resulotion problem

I build my game to test on devices. I dont have android phone so i test on bluestacks and sent my game to my friends to test it. In my editor and bluestacks my canvas fits perfect. Some of my friends phone too. But some of them is not fittin whole canvas. if i want to publish this game to store i want every phone can play this game without issues. Here is my canvas settings.

Canvas Scaler;
Scale with screen size 1920x1080 expand (i also tried match with or hight and 800x600 1280x720 )
My anchors all set where it should be.
I tried to change camera size too.

I build these changes everytime. but couldnt fix this issue. if anyone can help me i would gladly except. Ty

In the canvas, you can set to scale with screen size and set the match value to 0.5 and make sure everything is constrained. In the editor, you can set different device resolutions and you can download a device simulator in the package manager to see different resolutions.