Android running slowly, multiple RenderPrePass.Lighting warnings

I am developing for iOS, Android and web. However the android is incredibly slow.

Here is the warning I am getting (Seems there is more than one)

Tiled GPU perf. warning: RenderTexture depth surface (1208x411) was not cleared/discarded, doing Drawing/Render.OpaqueGeometry/RenderPrePass.Lighting

Tiled GPU perf. warning: Backbuffer  was not cleared/discarded, doing Camera.Render/Camera.ImageEffects

Tiled GPU perf. warning: RenderTexture color surface  (1208x411) was not cleared/discarded, doing Render.TransparentGeometry/RenderForwardAlpha.Render/MeshRenderer.Render

I was under the impression it was a graphic file, however further inspection shows it may have to do with some render settings, however I am unable to find anything I can change that will eliminate the warning.

I am using 4.2 but i thought this issues was available in 4.1 as well.

I am not so sure anymore as I am now getting the same warning in iOS, I press play and it sends hundreds of this error continuously.

Any help will be appreciated.

If you’re developing for mobile, make sure the camera is rendering in forward mode. If you set it to deferred, you’ll get this error. Make sure to check all cameras if you have multiples in the scene. Or just setting them all to “Use Player Settings” should suffice.