Android: Scene loading very slow first time after installation


I am loading a scene which has around 130 icons. After installing the app on my Android phone the first time it takes around 10 seconds to load the scene. But thereafter it loads in only 2-3 seconds, even every time after restarting the app.

Why does it load 5 times slower just the first time after installation? I want it to load quickly even the first time. How can i go about this? I am using Unity Pro 5.5.4f1.


I’m not an android expert but it sounds to me like after the first start everything is loaded from the cache (which is faster). If this is true, you would need to do a sort of cache prewarm after the installation, but I don’t know if it’s possible.

You are right. It is loading from the cache once it populates the cache. But I don’t know how to do the cache prewarm or preload everything in cache during first scene load. The scene gets populated in the cache when I load it the first time. Any ideas how to preload scenes in cache?