Android Screen Resolution (Joysticks) help.

Hey guys, I’ve tried every single help information on getting the GUI’s to stay scaled
for every screen resolution, but it just doesn’t work!

I 0 out all the Pixel Insets, change the scale to my liking and position the Joysticks where I want.

Well, what happens is, if I 0 out the Width and Height (In Pixel Inset) I can no longer use the Joysticks.

Well that problems number 1.

Problem number 2 is, they are never scaled with any droid I use.

Figured it might have been my G3 with 4K Resolution, well nope.
I tried with my Ellipsis 7 Tablet at 720P and it’s still not right.

Both Joysticks become super small like they are 5 x 5 in pixels and only take the first half of the screen no matter which device I use.

Please help me guys!

Ok, for different resolutions of the android (or other screens), it is necessary to scale your GUITextures and GUIText. I will write a small explaining script (I write on CSharp):

 //define here the original resolution 
 public float origW = 1280;
 public float origH = 720;

 void Start() {
  float scaleX = (float)(Screen.width) / origW; //your scale x
  float scaleY = (float)(Screen.height) / origH; //your scale y
  //Find all GUIText object on your scene
  //Update 1: for C# add "typeof"
  GUIText[] texts =  FindObjectsOfType(typeof(GUIText)) as GUIText[]; 
  foreach(GUIText myText in texts) { //find your element of text
   Vector2 pixOff = myText.pixelOffset; //your pixel offset on screen
   int origSizeText = myText.fontSize;
   myText.pixelOffset = new Vector2(pixOff.x*scaleX, pixOff.y*scaleY); //new position
   myText.fontSize = (int)(origSizeText * scaleX); //new size font
  //Find all GUITexture on your scene
  //Update 1: for C# add "typeof"
  GUITexture[] textures =  FindObjectsOfType(typeof(GUITexture)) as GUITexture[];
  foreach(GUITexture myTexture in textures) { //find your element of texture
   Rect pixIns = myTexture.pixelInset; //your dimention of texture
   //Change size pixIns for our screen
   pixIns.x = pixIns.x * scaleX;
   pixIns.y = pixIns.y * scaley;
   pixIns.width = pixIns.width * scaleX;
   pixIns.height = pixIns.height * scaleY;
   //Sets new rectangle for our texture
   myTexture.pixelInset = pixIns;

That’s all. Attach this script to any object, for example, Main Camera. I hope that it will help you.

Not sure if you’re script helped getting it to work, but I found this one and its working

But here is the code I found that works.

	public Vector2 scaleOnRatio1 = new Vector2(0.1f, 0.1f); 
	private Transform myTrans; 
	private float widthHeightRatio;

	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		myTrans = transform;
	// Update is called once per frame
	void SetScale()
		//aspect ratio
		widthHeightRatio = (float)Screen.width/Screen.height;
		//Apply the scale. We only calculate y since our aspect ratio is x (width) authoritative: width/height (x/y)
		myTrans.localScale = new Vector3 (scaleOnRatio1.x, widthHeightRatio * scaleOnRatio1.y, 1);