Android SDK, Can you omit the "Eclipse" folder

Android expert friends, just a quick question - more of a curiosity

On a MAC, in one’s Android folder, you basically have the “eclipse” folder and the “sdk” folder.

(Naturally, in the “sdk” folder, you keep that up-to-date by using the enclosed “android” application, and so on.)

In fact, can you simply LEAVE OUT the “eclipse” folder?

(You can imagine if you’re setting up many many macs, this is handy to know.)

BTW I completely understand you can “build to” eclipse with Unity; assume you don’t want to do that.

Again in short can you just “leave out” the eclipse folder, or is it needed, too?


Unity doesn’t use and doesn’t need Eclipse at all.

So you can completely delete the Eclipse folder.

(Or, you may prefer to just move it.)

{Footnote - If you move it, in case you still want to use Eclipse with Android SDK unrelated to Unity3D, you will need to update the Eclipse preferences (in EclipseWindow >> Preferences >> Android) so it can find the android SDK folder. And that’s it!}