Android Shadows Bug


My team and I have been working on a game for quite a while already and we’re facing an issue with shadows on Android. Though everything is fine on PC, as soon as we test it on Android everything works out completely differently.

We have real-time shadows with a procedurally generated world. The farther from the beginning of the level you get - the more shadows are pixelated. Attached are two images showing the bug.

To be specific, here are settings that we use for shadows:

Shadows: Hard Shadows Only;
Shadow Resolution: Medium Resolution;
Shadow Projection: Close Fit;
Shadow Distance: 75;
Shadow Near Plane Offset: 3;
Shadow Cascades: No Cascades;

And here are the settings for the Directional Light:

Shadow Type: Hard Shadows (realtime);
Strength: 0.25
Resolution: Use Quality Settings
Bias: 1
Normal Bias: 0.4
Near Plane: 0.2

Also I should note that neither of previously asked questions have solved our problem.

We will really appreciate any suggestions and are very thankful in advance!

Shadows are not supported/don’t work the same way on mobile.

Projectors are kinda terrible, but they get the job done.