Android Share text and image?


I have the following code that allows me to share some text on an android device and it is working fine:

public void DoShare(string text)
		AndroidJavaClass intentClass = new AndroidJavaClass ("android.content.Intent");
		AndroidJavaObject intentObject = new AndroidJavaObject ("android.content.Intent");
		intentObject.Call<AndroidJavaObject> ("setAction", intentClass.GetStatic<string> ("ACTION_SEND"));
		intentObject.Call<AndroidJavaObject> ("setType", "text/plain");
		intentObject.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("putExtra", intentClass.GetStatic<string>("EXTRA_SUBJECT"), "SUBJECT");
		intentObject.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("putExtra", intentClass.GetStatic<string>("EXTRA_TEXT"), text);
		AndroidJavaClass unity = new AndroidJavaClass ("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer");
		AndroidJavaObject currentActivity = unity.GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject> ("currentActivity");
		currentActivity.Call ("startActivity", intentObject);

but how can I make it so I can share an image as well as the text? Can anyone help me?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

You should be easily able to convert below to JNI calls.

Intent shareIntent = new

String mimeType = “image/*”

// Set MIME type based on the
available content


// Set text here

message );

// Set image path here

if (!StringUtility.isNullOrEmpty(imagePath))


shareIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_STREAM, Uri.parse(imagePath));


The above code is from Cross Platform Native Plugins and you can grab a free copy of Lite version which includes Sharing feature along with many others.
Feature Set

refer this page


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