Android, slicing up textures bigger than max size?

I have read that android can only support up to 4096x4096 textures. I am guessing this means actually drawn on an object - it can only be this big - but perhaps in my project I can have larger, just as long as it is split up into smaller texture when applied to an object (a smaller texture2d created from it). So my question is: Can I can include a texture larger than that (lets say twice that big) as a public variable on a script, and then I could slice that texture up to apply to lots of smaller textures (I can already do that to a 2048x2048 texture) so that the textures - once applied to a gameobject and visible on camera - are actually no bigger than 256x256 or another POT size? Keep in mind that it would need pixel perfect… pixels? I need to split it up to point textures that are pixel perfect as well, so if Unity or Android shrinks the texture down when I go to do GetPixel() on it, it won’t do me any good. I am going to start testing this now, and see what happens, but it would be great if someone knew for sure if it would work or not!

Only way I found around the texture limit, is to split the large texture into “quadrants” of the max size, and then heavily recode parts of my method that split the textures again into “cells” to consider the four images rather than a single image, for performance reasons (in my current project severe Apply() is called on textures frequently) and this allows me to push beyond the 4096x4096 limit for my games large 2d terrain, and keep the appearance as one huge map.