Android Splash Screen. How on earth?

I am using Unity 5.5.3f1 and trying to incorporate a simple splash screen image. My image is 1024 by 1024 in order to gain from the pot compression. The game is portrait 16:9. However when using preview splash screen in the editor the image is super blurry (as if it’s been blurred on purpose, not just a little bit) and only the centre part of the image is displayed (i would expect the image to be scaled to fit as I have set it to ‘scale to fill’). No matter what splash scaling I set, the scaling is always the same and the blur is always the same.

Whats going on? I thought these splash tools were to make this a lot easier? This should be such a simple thing to do.

Here is what I’m seeing in the preview…(it shouldn’t look like this :))

Actually, the background is blurred on purpose. A blurred background will help a logo stand out. There are a couple of thing I would suggest to achieve what you are looking to do.

Try using a solid color background and setting your illustration as a logo.

Another option would be to change the aspect ratio of your illustration to something closer to 16:9. Be sure to leave some bleed room as different Android devices for different screen aspect ratios.