Android Splitting Apk, obb.

As mention question mention, its not working because the obb isn’t downloaded into the device. And since i am using Unity 4.3.4, people said not to use the obb downloader in asset store. Many post have directed the link which no longer exist. Is there any new tutorial or ways I can fix my problem? Thanks

I’m in the same situation as you…
With OBBdownloader plugin, the app crash on first scene.
Without the OBBdownloader, works only if I put manually the OBB in the right folder (don’t work in a real “download from store” scenario ).
I read a lot of user post saying that the OBBdownloader don’t work anymore with Unity4 (it does not seem to work, idd).
Someone says also that the OBBDownload is no more necessary, as GooglePlay will download automagically the OBB too… (from publisher testing, it seems not true).

Can’t find a valid documentation or tutorial about this topic… the official one still suggest to use the ‘broken?’ plugin :frowning: