Android starts playing strange built-in music when loading a Unity scene.

Hi, does anybody please know why when loading a Unity scene on Android (possibly due to some silent initialization crash or mismatch with a package like Admob or Unity IAP) the device might start playing some fast-paced builtin music loop that is not something I recognize as a music file within the app, yet closing the app causes the music to stop?

Here’s a video of the music in case it can be recognizable to anyone.

I’m now suspecting Admob as the one other event in app that causes the music to stop is watching an advert (they load OK). If so I don’t know why I’m not getting any logcat errors related to Admob. Is there a better command than:

$ adb logcat -s Unity ActivityManager PackageManager dalvikvm DEBUG

specifically for Admob issues?

Check if any ad is playing in the background, could be an invisible banner or something else I guess.

But definitely this doesn’t come from Unity, you might want to check with the ad network support.