Android: Test app without phone?

Hello all!
I’m making a 2d game for Android, and I currently dont have access to a working smartphone that I can use as a device for running and testing my game.

How should I run and test my game in the development the best way through my computer?

I know how to use the Android AVD’s, but I dont like to wait every time I need to build my app just to test a few line of code, so:

  1. Is it a good idea to develop my game like it was a game for Windows first, so I can test it in the regular Game tab, and then when completed, I can change the necessary code to be able to build it for Android? Or should I just use an AVD and just deal with the build time?
  2. Is there any way of running my project on my computer without building it every time, like the Game tab? (for Android projects)

Thanks alot in advance! (this site is awesome I know I will get some help :D)

I had the same problem. Just write it like it was for pc then just change few lines
or do it like this

if (Input.GetKey("space")||Input.touchCount > 0){
 //this is an example of combined inputs for pc and android

then when you think its time for build just test it in AVD