Android textfield problem

Holla, i encounter Textfield Error on Android, the field did not show the text i write on android keyboard, this [problem]1 has been asked but not answered yet… so if somebody could help… it will be so much appreciated :slight_smile:

i try to give my textfield a style so it will looks a different than the original black box from Unity…

var names : String;
var school : String;
var age : String;
var windowTexture : GUIStyle;
var labelStyle : GUIStyle;
var fieldStyle : GUIStyle;

function OnGUI(){
	GUI.Window(0,new Rect(Screen.width*0.3,Screen.height*0.1,Screen.width*0.65,Screen.height*0.55),Field," ",windowTexture);

function Field(){
	GUI.Label(new Rect(20,20,100,50),"Nama     : ",labelStyle);
	name = GUI.TextField(new Rect(170,20,250,50),names,fieldStyle);
	GUI.Label(new Rect(20,100,100,50),"Sekolah : ",labelStyle);
	school = GUI.TextField(new Rect(170,100,250,50),school,fieldStyle);
	GUI.Label(new Rect(20,180,100,50),"Umur    : ",labelStyle);
	age = GUI.TextField(new Rect(170,180,250,50),age,fieldStyle);

after i click the GUI Textfield, and write it on my android, the letter of text jsut not appearing, anybody maybe could point me to the right way?

-still not yet fixed the problem, anybody could help?

ok, it solved, it seems Unity did not receive “name” as a variable, i couldn’t use name, instead if i used names, it can do…

also, at the code above, at line 14, it should be names, rather than name.
Sorry for not seeing it :slight_smile: