Android Tilt controls help

So i’m developing a game where you can move the spaceship only on the x-axis like space invaders. So i am having a little trouble trying to implent tilt controls, i have google searched constantly and i looked into the unity manual, everytime i test out my game the ship disappears. Here is my code for movement right now i have it set for keyboard commands because the accelerometer wasnt working

function Update () {
    if(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") > 0){
		if (collided_with != null){
	if (collided_with.tag == "Left"){
transform.Translate(Vector3(1 * speed * Time.deltaTime,0,0));
if(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") < 0 ){
	if (collided_with != null){
if (collided_with.tag == "Right"){
transform.Translate(Vector3(-1 * speed * Time.deltaTime,0,0));

If you can help thank you!

The reason of spaceship going off screen might cause you’ve haven’t clamped the position to a particular value. Here’s a solution, Hope this will help to solve your problem.

function Update()
	var dir : Vector2 =;
	dir.x = Input.acceleration.x;
	dir.y = 0;
	// clamp acceleration vector to unit sphere
	if (dir.sqrMagnitude > 1)
	// Make it move 10 meters per second instead of 10 meters per frame...
	dir *= Time.deltaTime;
	// Move object
	transform.Translate (dir * speed);
	//Clamp transform position
	//Here transform's x position will get clamped to a value of -3 to 3 change it as per your requirement
	transform.position = Vector2(Mathf.Clamp(transform.position.x,-3,3),