Android Transparent Menu Buttons

Hi guys

Got some weird issue reported with some Android devices. Please see the screenshot

I’m wondering if I can manage it from Unity and force it to be non-transparent? and how?

i think what ever that is works with your keyboard program;
u cant control this with unity as unity just get input from that but did u test your games in different phones see if they have the same problem too ?

This issue was observed on Huawei device running Android 6.0. Seems there is some problem with Theme.The material on these devices, when Soft Keyboard is opened. Ended up changing Theme from UnityThemeSelector to Theme.Holo.Light.NoActionBar.Fullscreen for API 21-23.

you need to fix style.xml for android manifest

We are running into the same issue, however this happens on Android Galaxy S8. Other Android-Devices show the same effect.
Were you (or anyone for that matter) able to fix this or find a way to disable the navigation-bar?