Android Tutorials?

I just want to find a detailed tutorial for any type of android game. Preferably a fps. I would also appreciate it if it was a video tutorial. Cam anyone just give me a link to some good Android tutorials.


You request is very specific, so lets try a few,

  1. Digital Tutorials (recommend for mobile esp ANDROID)
  2. Design 3
  3. Lynda
  4. 3DBuzz (completely FREE!!! and good)
  5. etc etc.
  6. Tons of videos on youtube & vimeo

The above are the only things I could think of. I would first get a well through knowledge of Unity3d, then you have
lot of videos on the internet. There are also people to help on IRC and here.

As your request is very specific, you might not find resources to match that needs. You might need to beat it around.