Android Unity crashes on splash screen. Invalid serialized file version, expected 3.5.2f2. Actual version: 3.5.3f3

So even with a completely default game with nothing added, when I install it on my android Unity crashes on the splash screen.I’ve been trying to work around this problem for a few hours now, still haven’t found a solution anywhere. I got the adb and the logcat working, and I get the error of the invalid serialized file version (expected 3.5.2f2. Actual version: 3.5.3f3)

I understand this can be a problem with upgrading the software etc. So I did a complete uninstall and reinstalled from a newly downloaded installer. I create an empty project and uploaded it to my phone, to my surprise the problem persisted.

What might be causing this and what can I do to solve this? I’m running on a fresh trial and have not tried to patch or anything of that nature.

I fixed this after a long struggle. Decided to completely remove Unity from my system again. This means I:

  1. Uninstall Unity
  2. Manually remove Unity folder in Program Files (this includes MonoDevelop)
  3. Go to C:/Users/[yourusername]/AppData
  4. Remove all Unity folders from AppData/Local AppData/LocalLow and AppData/Roaming
  5. In AppData/Local, navigate to Virtual Store, in there should be Program Files which contains another Unity folder, delete this.
  6. Now comes the slightly more tricky part, I backed up my registry and then used find to look for Unity (in everything except Data. I found a few important Unity files this way (don’t bother with all the file extension things), and deleted them. Beware to ALWAYS make a backup of your registry before changing anything.

Hope this solves it for anyone else who runs into this problem!