Android video capture with Vuforia

I want to do video capture with Vuforia. For iOS, i found a plugin that works so no problem. For Android, I tried Intel INDE. It doesn’t work. It can work alone but not with Vuforia. Do you other Android video capture plugin that i can try?

I build a blank project, added INDE, add Vuforia, and it works this time.

Just want to put more information. it doesn’t work very good. It doesn’t work quite well. Some android may crash when recording video in some resolution. So I try to chop & resize the image and then send to INDE plugin after the rendering. But it get glitchy graphic in some android device. I feel that the plugin is not instantly writing the given frame into the movie file. Therefore if you get this problem, you probably need to solve it with an array of RenderTexture.