Android Zenject app startup time takes a long time

Hey there!
My game’s loading time is taking forever and it keeps getting longer by the time of adding new features.
I am using Zenject as the DI framework and the backbone of my game’s architecture.
I realized that the moment when the Project Context is getting instantiated, the spike occurs.
After profiling, I came up with this:

It seems something related to loading things into memory is taking a long time.
On my device, Xiaomi mi 11 lite, it takes about 8 seconds. (the app freezes and does not respond to the input).
On a lower-end device like Galaxy A7, it takes about 25 seconds and it feels like the game is broken…

Have you tried looking at the Asset Loading and File Access modules or checked by selecting the individual loading samples’ metadata what assets they are marking up the loading time for?