'AndroidArchitecture' does not contain a definition for 'X86'

Im getting this error which is stopping me from compiling my game and entering play mode.
Ive been trying to rig a 2d sprite and don’t think the error is related.
thanks in advance for any assistance!

I fixed it! My dude :smiley:

You need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Unity project.
  2. Go to the Package Manager in the Window tab.
  3. Downgrade your 2D Aniomation package to preview 5 of 2.1.0
  4. Now upgrade the Burst package up to 1.0.4 (i think it was 1.0.4)
  5. Upgrade 2D Animation back to 2.2.0!

Voila! Fixed! (with some issues but WORKS!)