AndroidJava and setting a BitSet value

Hi I am in a struggle at assigning a BitSet value in a Android Java Object I’m referencing.

I tried with Int, or even to copy the referred value into a AndroidJavaObjects and now I am short of Ideas.

Here is part of my code, I am making a HotSpot manager inside the game itself.
I’m debugging with logcat and I am putting a Debug.Log every row to see where the code stops

What I need is to assign AuthAlgorithm to OPEN, without having the BitSet type in C#

Thanks in advance.

        using (AndroidJavaObject activity = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer").GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("currentActivity"))
                using (var WifiSetup = activity.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("getSystemService", "wifi"))

                    AndroidJavaObject newConnection = new AndroidJavaObject("");

                    newConnection.Set<string>("SSID", mSSID);
                    newConnection.Set<string>("preSharedKey", mPWD);

                    newConnection.Set<bool>("hiddenSSID", false);

                    //THOSE UP HERE WORK!

                    //DOESN'T WORKS LIKE THIS:
                    newConnection.Set<int>("allowedAuthAlgorithms", 0);

                    //DOESN'T WORKS EVEN LIKE THIS (breaks at definition)
                    AndroidJavaObject OPEN = new AndroidJavaObject("");

                    newConnection.Set<AndroidJavaObject>("allowedAuthAlgorithms", OPEN);

                    //THIS DEFINITION WORKS                        
                    AndroidJavaObject allowedAuthAlgorithms = newConnection.Get<AndroidJavaObject>("allowedAuthAlgorithms");

                    //NEITHER THIS ONE WORKS
                    allowedAuthAlgorithms.Call<int>("set", "WifiConfiguration.AuthAlgorithm.OPEN");


I know this is very old but if anyone in the future needs the answer to this, this is how you do it… specifically for an OPEN network.

using (var allowedKey = new AndroidJavaObject("java.util.BitSet"))
    allowedKey.Call("set", 0);
    wifiConfig.Set("allowedKeyManagement", allowedKey);